Batman’s 20 Most Dangerous Villains Of All Time!

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1 2 3 23

These are Batman’s 20 most dangerous villains. These guys have beaten down Batman in one way or another. They’ve deployed brute strength, devious cunning, mental assault, and sometimes even a combination of all three. Batman has suffered incredibly at the hands of these foes.

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  • Riley Kuijer

    Deathstroke isn’t a Batman villain.

  • Jesus Rivera

    That’s like saying Darkseid (who first appeared in New Gods) isnt a Superman Villain. Or Apocalypse (who appeared on X-Force) isnt an X-Men villain. And there are others too. Silver Samurai was originally a Daredevil villain before moving on to Wolverine. But dont worry, Daredevil would get The Kingpin from Spiderman. Mystique was originally a Ms. Marvel Villain before becoming an X-Men rogue. Hell, even SABERTOOTH, Wolverines most FAMOUS villain, started out as an Iron Fist villain!!!

  • Travis Witty

    What a crock. The Joker may be Batman’s most Iconic villain, but he is not even remotely in the same weight-class as Ra’s al-ghul or Prometheus.

  • Michyle

    Personally I have always wondered why someone has either not Shot the Joker years ago or done a Frontal Lobotomy on him. This character is so mad it’s impossible to conceve some judge has not sentenced Joker to either Massive Med’s or a Lobotomy.

  • trans-rabbits


  • John Fleming

    You can add her on the last slide and let everyone vote to see if she can get into the Top 20 or maybe we expand the list!

  • Raphael Dantas

    just to mention, he raped her after the shot

  • Oliver Berger

    talia should be no. 2 she is way more crazy, and violent than her father is. she is the ULTIMATE BITCH.