Comic Book Review: Imperium #1

What does it take to build a utopia? Is the price worth it? These are just some of the questions Joshua Dysart, Doug Braithwaite, Brian Reber and Dave McCaig are asking in Imperium. We have a different question. Is it good?

Writer Joshua Dysart and artist Doug Braithwaite open the book with a comparison. The opening page is a memory of the past, what the world was like: extreme poverty. On the next page they perform a good transition through an internal monologue showing what the world is now: utopian with giant skyscrapers overflowing and surrounded with vegetation.

Braithwaite dreams up a beautiful utopia, with sleek architecture, many of the buildings have sweeping edifices. There are blimp-like sky ships soaring through the sky and trains running through, above, and under the water. Once you get underwater, civilization continues with globe and oval-shaped pods housing more vegetation.

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