Interview: ‘Roche Limit’ Creator Michael Moreci

AiPT: Today I have the pleasure of talking to Michael Moreci. Thanks for taking the time. I enjoyed reading the first volume of Roche Limit and was especially intrigued by the philosophical issues you discussed. I also thought it was interesting how you combined the different genre types of detective fiction, science fiction, and a zombie apocalypse with each other.

MM: Well, let’s get to it.

AiPT: In Roche Limit: Anomalous you used multiple storylines and then brought them all together by the end, what made you decide to go with this style for this particular comic? Do you plan on using this same style for Clandestiny?

MM: A big part of the first volume is multiple investigations that are happening. On the thematic level, you see it in the probing into religion, society, and existence. There’s a lot going on with all of those things. The plot mirrors that in a cool way, which I enjoy. There’s all these investigations happening, with Alex looking for Bekkah, Moscow looking for the Recall recipe, Watkins looking for the soul. Everyone is looking for something, searching, and that’s important to the book (as Langford explains in his monologue and we pick up on in Clandestiny).

AiPT: The process of the soul being separated into pieces by contact with the anomaly is extremely unique, are there any specific influences for this idea?

MM: Thanks! Though it’s probably something I stole off of Dick or Bradbury and don’t even realize it. That piece of the book’s puzzle came in really late and unified everything–I needed something that would tie these characters together, and brings them closer, physically and philosophically.

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