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Tokita Ohma unleashes a Flashing Steel Blast against his brother Niko in Kenran Ashura Chapter 28 "Indestructible" (2019), Shogakukan
January 10, 2024
‘Kengan Ashura’ and ‘Kengan Omega’ mangaka Daromeon has offered his two cents on the ongoing AI localization discourse.
A woman in a golden dress gestures in front of golden calves.
August 7, 2023
Out of the Dragon Common Room comes ‘Draco Alchemicus,’ a new take on ‘The Faerie Queene,’ where “evil . . . has rebranded itself as cure.”
Authorities arrest a man for speaking the truth on the cover of the novel 'The Wise of Heart.'
May 22, 2023
‘The Wise of Heart’ follows a man who learns that acknowledging the simplest of truths is absolutely forbidden in the age of disinformation.
A man passes a man dressed like a woman on a sidewalk.
May 1, 2023
‘Ma’am I Am!’ might look like a children’s book but it’s anything but, and adults interested in a humorous read will want to check it out!
'Private American' Cover C by Dan Lawlis.
February 10, 2023
Far-left activists tried to cancel Mike Baron’s ‘Private American’ graphic novel. They failed and now Baron’s readying a lawsuit.
Benkei in Tokyo Underworld Chapter 3 "Hanging Bridge from Hell" (2022), Shueisha. Words and Art by Kenji Sakaki via Digital Issue
January 25, 2023
In an exclusive interview, ‘Tokyo Underworld’ mangaka Kenji Sakaki opened up about the creative inspirations behind her death game series.
Will Jordan is scheduled to appear at the Atlanta Comic Con in February 2023.
January 23, 2023
If you like The Critical Drinker’s YouTube videos, then you’ll want to check out his novels and the movie he is crowdfunding.
November 12, 2022
David Williams is the illustrator on a graphic novel about legendary lawman Bass Reeves, and he spoke exclusively with BiC about it.
November 4, 2022
R. M. Huffman’s biblical epic series The Antediluvian Legacy is the perfect alternative to what Amazon Prime is doing to Tolkien’s work.
October 29, 2022
Author Megan Fox talks about the intersection of culture and politics, and more, in an exclusive interview with Bounding into Comics.