In November, Mike Baron and his team of artists launched a crowdfunding campaign for Private American, a graphic novel about a vigilante taking the fight to America’s open border. Soon after, far-left activists tried canceling the book. They failed and Private American is moving forward. Now, Baron is laying the groundwork to bring a lawsuit against the involved parties. He provided Bounding into Comics with the latest on the story.

Three variants of 'Private American' graphic novel cover.

‘Private American’ (2023), artwork by Richard Bonk, Steve Rude, and Dan Lawlis.

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“I wanted to write a Punisher type story,” Baron said in explaining how he conceptualized Private American. “What would the Punisher be doing if I were writing him today? He would be down on the southern border stopping human traffickers, the river of fentanyl, and terrorists from entering the country. He most specifically does not target migrants seeking a better life. He saves them.”

The story isn’t shocking and Baron noted that the outrage directed at it is a product of our age. “Twenty or even ten years ago this would not have been controversial. But today, where the left has infiltrated most institutions, it was like waving a red flag in front of a bull. Out of nowhere, the Daily Kos attacked, accusing me of ‘stochastic terrorism.’”

'Private American' author, Mike Baron, and artist, Richard Bonk.

‘Private American’ (2023) author, Mike Baron, and artist, Richard Bonk.

But that wasn’t all. “The person who wrote this article has her own comic funding on Kickstarter and she called for her sock puppets to write Kickstarter and get mine booted,” he continued. “She succeeded. Every word in the article is a lie. You can read about it at Bleeding Fool.”

Despite that setback, it wasn’t the end. Baron and his team were able to keep the crowdfunding going on Indiegogo and Crowdfundr. “I’ve been a writer my whole life. Job one is to entertain. Private American grabs you by the throat on the first panel and never lets go. No lectures or bumper stickers. I only wish to be left alone to create entertaining stories,” he said.

Screenshot of Mike Baron tweet highlighting Daily Kos hit piece on his 'Private American' (2023) graphic novel.

Official Mike Baron (@BloodyRedBaron) Twitter Account

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“However, in calling me a terrorist and racist, and deliberately misrepresenting my work, the Daily Kos has left me no choice. My previous graphic novel, Thin Blue Line, was about two police trying to survive a night of rioting. The Daily Kos described it as about ‘gangs of white police officers going into black communities to kill black people.’

“The two protagonists don’t kill anyone in the book. The person who wrote this has never read it. We contacted the Daily Kos and asked if they would like to see the book. They reluctantly agreed. My publisher made it available to them as a PDF. That was over a month ago. As of today, they have not looked at it.”

Screenshot of Mike Baron tweet highlighting his GoFundMe legal campaign.

Official Mike Baron (@BloodyRedBaron) Twitter Account

On Jan. 10, a GoFundMe campaign launched to raise money for legal support for Baron, with the copy stating: “We’re raising money to pay for writer Mike Baron’s legal fees to fund a lawsuit against the Daily Kos website, their writer, and other parties, for publishing malicious lies about his two most recent graphic novels Thin Blue Line and Private American.”

By Jan. 27 the campaign reached its target. “We’ve hit out goal and will now proceed to retain our legal representation for the battle ahead.” The campaign remains active and those wishing to contribute to it can still do so at the GoFundMe page.

Screenshot of Mike Baron tweet highlighting his Substack newsletter.

Official Mike Baron (@BloodyRedBaron) Twitter Account

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“I tell heterodox stories,” Baron said in conclusion. “There’s an enormous appetite for them, as Woke has infected most establishment projects. My next project is a supernatural Western. Bronze Star. After that, it’s Florida Man graphic novel #2. It’s only purpose is to make you laugh.”

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