Chet Festive is the mind behind Ma’am I Am!, a forthcoming humorous tale for adults. Right now, Festive and fellow creator R. M. Huffman are running a crowdfunding campaign for it. Huffman spoke exclusively with Bounding Into Comics about the book on behalf of the duo.

A man dressed as a woman flexes his bicep on the cover of a humorous book.

Cover of the book, ‘Ma’am I Am!’ (2023), by Chet Festive.

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Bounding Into Comics: Are you Chet Festive and, if so, are you both the author and artist of this book?

R. M. Huffman: I’d describe Chet Festive as a poet, a polymath, a polemicist, and—above all else—private. I’m involved in this project as more of a consultant, since very few medical doctors are also published children’s book authors, and both are relevant here. I will admit that I had very little to do with the art.

A man on a sidewalk passes another man dressed like a woman.

Page 3 of the book, ‘Ma’am I Am!’ (2023), by Chet Festive.

BIC: Did you have any hesitation in deciding to write and publish a story about a “ma’am” with a jaw like a linebacker for fear of your safety and well-being?

RH: Naturally, with the overt violence around the globe against people speaking out on the issue of aggressive men insisting they must be treated as women, hesitation is natural. Matt Walsh was hacked. Michael Knowles was burned in effigy. Riley Gaines was chased and trapped by a mob. Kellie-Jay Keen had tomato juice thrown on her. Sall Grover is being sued.

That said, in the end I decided that this misogyny mustn’t be allowed to continue, and if I could do anything to help stop it, I have to, for the sake of my wife and daughters. Also, I’m a fit male over six feet tall in a red state with permitless carry.

A man refuses to address another man dressed like a woman as a woman.

Page 13 of the book, ‘Ma’am I Am!’ (2023), by Chet Festive.

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BIC: Why a children’s-like book for this adult tale instead of a different format such as prose?

RH: For the LOLs. Seriously, humor can resonate where dry reason is ignored, and good poetry often hits harder and sticks longer than prose.

A surgeon alters the body of a man to attempt to make him look like a woman.

Page 15 of the book, ‘Ma’am I Am!’ (2023), by Chet Festive.

BIC: Which conservatives have rushed to support and promote your book?

RH: What a question! The fact about today’s conservative figures is that the great majority are reticent to support anything that doesn’t directly benefit them. A major right-wing voice emails “LMAO” privately but doesn’t lend his public platform. A celebrity with a seven-figure following promises to tweet the link, but hasn’t yet spared the fifteen seconds to do it. “Support” usually equals a low-effort retweet at most.

Interestingly, the most support thus far has come from legendary Irish comedy writer Graham Linehan and prominent YouTuber Arielle Scarcella, who are both lovely people. That said, people have their own things to pursue and their own projects to promote, so this isn’t sour grapes talking. I have hopes, for Chet’s sake, that more support will come soon.

A group of angry protesters shout their demands.

Page 19 of the book, ‘Ma’am I Am!’ (2023), by Chet Festive.

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BIC: Any plans for additional titles in a similarly whimsical fashion?

RH: Yes! The next Chet Festive masterpiece is finished, actually. That’s an even spicier meatball than this one and will likely cause all sorts of trouble. Another is written but not illustrated. The team Chet’s assembled has the capacity to pump these out every month or two if we can ever achieve liftoff.

A man refuses to address another man as a woman.

Page 21 of the book, ‘Ma’am I Am!’ (2023), by Chet Festive.

BIC: Do you have any stretch goals planned should you hit your $5,000 primary goal?

RH: The sky’s the limit after this first print run. We’ve already discussed doing an animated short with a production company. Much depends on how the next month goes, so I very much hope everyone reading will participate in the crowdfunder. You’ll be getting the funniest book you’ve ever read if you do!

Police arrest a man for refusing to address another man as a woman.

Page 25 of the book, ‘Ma’am I Am!’ (2023), by Chet Festive.

BIC: Any plans for a race-swapped, live-action adaptation of Ma’am I Am! and if so would it work better as a Disney musical or a new addition to the MCU?

RH: The answers are: I hadn’t thought of it before, but definitely yes now; musical; we’d aim for Broadway, not Disney.

A policeman kneels on the neck of a man for refusing to address another man as a woman.

Page 27 of the book, ‘Ma’am I Am!’ (2023), by Chet Festive.


Don’t forget, head on over to the Ma’am I Am! crowdfunding campaign if you want to back the book!

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