DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Hero Evolution Trailer

DC's Legends of Tomorrow Hero Evolution Trailer

The CW and DC have released the latest trailer for their upcoming show DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. The show will feature the Flash, Green Arrow, Firestorm, White Canary, Hawkgirl, The Atom, Captain Cold, and Heat Wave. This team organized by Rip Hunter will take on Vandal Savage, a highly intelligent and technologically savvy immortal, who has afflicted humanity with crime and violence from the beginning. Due to the nature of certain team members I suspect there will be a ton of problems within the team and they will struggle immensely in the beginning.

The trailer spends the majority of its time focusing on The CW’s two premiere Superhero shows Arrow and The Flash. It does it an extremely unique way. Displaying scenes from the television show side by side with images from the physical comic books. One stand out scene appeared to be taken straight from the pages of the comic and translated to the screen when Grodd grabs Barry by the throat. It was pretty cool seeing the images brought to life on the screen.

The trailer doesn’t really provide any new material from the first trailer, but it provides it in an unique way.

There is one huge question I have with the unveiling of Vandal Savage as the villain. Will we see his nemesis, The Immortal Man?

Huge kudos to The CW and DC for providing this awesome trailer recognizing the comic book material that has inspired these shows and a generation of fans and hopefully many more to come!

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