The Flash: Other Worlds Trailer

The Flash Season 2

Jay Garrick makes his first appearance in The Flash: Other Worlds Trailer and he brings some dire news. The Flash world as we know it from Season 1 is in danger! The trailer works really well for preparing us for the next season with multiple dimensions and worlds. Cisco asks the perfect question, “What other worlds are there?”

The 30 second trailer teases a couple of the villains, but probably the most interesting part is the Flash-Signal! You read that right. There is Flash-Signal. It looks exactly like the Bat-Signal, but instead of the Bat symbol you have the Flash’s lightning bolt.

The second season of The Flash premieres on Tuesday October 6th and Barry is going to have his work cut out for him as he combats villains who are using the singularity to break through from other worlds.

What are you most excited about in Season 2?

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