Favorite Five: Gotham Season 2, Episode 2 Knock Knock

Gotham returned for its second episode, “Knock Knock” on Monday and we are here to once again count down our five favorite scenes from the episode. Let’s start it off! Warning! Spoilers Below!

5. Theo Galavan Tortures the Mayor

Theo Galavan

We didn’t really get to learn a lot about Theo from the first issue except that he is a man with a grand plan. In this scene, we get to explore a little bit more of Theo’s villainy and why he should be feared. He likes to tease and toy with his victims using a fake threat to display his view of the base nature of humanity, survival. Actor James Frain’s delivery emphasizes the enormity of the situation especially when he details, “Monsters will cleanse this city in blood and fire.”

4. Jerome Fires his Pistol

Screenshot 2015-09-29 23.13.31

The Maniax! are out to make the biggest headlines they can and Jerome’s devious mind leads the the team to hijack a bus full of cheerleaders. However, the best part of this scene is when Gordon and the GCPD show up to rescue the cheerleaders. Jerome leads the Maniax! in a gun fight where he channels his inner-Joker and Jack Nicholson and does the iconic Joker spin-hop while firing his gun. To top it off, he even continues to fire his pistol when it is out of bullets and then looks at inquisitively before tossing it aside.

3. Barbara distracts Jim

Barbara Kean lures Gordon away from GCPD HQ

Barbara easily lures Jim away from the GCPD into an alley, where she uses her muscle to give him a good beating. However, the best part is where she pounces on Jim’s beaten body. The movement is very Harley-esque. She follows this up with a wicked smile and alluding to Jerome’s takeover the GCPD. The scene is even more interesting when Barbara tells Jim she is free, yet we know she is anything but if she decides to disobey Galavan. But you gotta love that big wet kiss she gave Jim before she walked off.

2. Jerome Records the Attack on the GCPD

Jerome Records GCPD Attack

If you didn’t think the Maniax were certifiably insane yet, Jerome records the attack on the GCPD. The dialogue is absolutely fantastic as he talks about spreading wisdom and hope and then firing a bullet into a struggling cop. Jerome’s body language combined with his laugh really channel the Joker and the last line just makes you want more, “You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

1. Jerome Plays Russian Roulette

Jerome Plays Russian Roulette

The highlight of “Knock, Knock” was Jerome, but he out really outdid himself in this scene. Greenwood, one of the other Maniax!, challenges his right to be the shot caller and in order to determine which one will be the leader they play a game of Russian roulette. Jerome allows Greenwood to go first, but once the gun is in his hands he pushes crazy to the limit. He takes not one shot but three. You do have to suspend your disbelief just a little bit because the pistol is a six-shooter and there would be two chambers left, but the dramatic effect is fantastic and Jerome delivers the dialogue like a boss.

Tell us what your favorite five scenes from Monday night’s episode were!

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