Does Real Criticism Exist in Comics?

Nameless #1 Variant by Tony Moore

Have you read Nameless?

What a wonderfully illustrated totally nonsensical book. Who pays for this shit? Does Morrison actually write stories or does he just do drugs and hope for the best? His recent drivel reads like a mish-mash of references to things that people have never read – or just a collection of nonsense words.

The lack of legitimate non-star-worshiping critical comics writing has basically allowed for this garbage to thrive. The self appointed taste makers and hive consciousness of the comics community are all happy to bow to a name and worship it to death – rather than actually critically delve into the product. Just because the art is leaps and bounds ahead of the narrative it’s telling doesn’t make the thing worth reading or buying. Again, I’m guilty of occasionally buying just for the art’s sake – but narrative form in comics is woefully criticism free.

Healthy critical thought about an art form is important to the advancement and betterment of it. Criticism and praise aimed at diversity issues and political pet issues do not address anything related to narrative quality – but unfortunately they are the only grounds work is discussed at large which has lead to a death of good storytelling.

This rant brought to you by the delayed flight I’m sitting on and the overpriced beers I had while waiting at the gate since 4. It is now 10.

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