Blade and Punisher Series Still in the Pipeline

The Punisher #1 Variant Cover by Alex Maleev

Marvel announced two big titles last year in Blade and Punisher. However, we haven’t heard any news on these projects until now.

They announced the Blade series at San Diego Comic Con in July revealing a new character in Fallon Grey who just so happens to be Blade’s 16 year-old daughter and “the heir to a Daywalking-Monster-Stabbing Empire” as author Tim Seeley put it. We also got a look at not only Logan Faerber’s Blade design, but Fallon’s as well, but since then word has been mum.

Blade Design

Becky Cloonan and Steve Dillon’s new Punisher series was announced at the end of October last year with a promised release date sometime this year. Cloonan teased the Punisher would return to New York City, but only for a short stay “as he finds himself following a lead on a new and dangerous synthetic drug hitting the streets. He takes the show—and a bunch of guns!—on a blood-soaked road trip through the Northeast to a place I don’t think even he will see coming.” Outside of the comic book pages, The Punisher is expected to debut in the second season of Daredevil arriving on Netflix March 18, 2016 with rumors swirling about a possible Punisher spin-off. However, word has also been mum about this series with nothing appearing in Marvel’s April solicitations.

Despite, the lack of news surrounding these titles. We can confirm today through our source at Marvel that “both are still definitely happening. Keep your eye on upcoming solicits!” Axel Alonso also mentioned that the artwork on Blade looks great in his weekly column with Comic Book Resources. This is fantastic news as these are two series that we are excited about picking up!

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