Scott Snyder Confirms He and Greg Capullo Will Depart ‘Batman’

BATMAN #51 Cover
Cover by Greg Capullo and Danny Miki

In a series of tweets this past Saturday, Scott Snyder confirmed that he and Greg Capullo will no longer be the creative team behind DC Comics best-selling ongoing series, Batman.

However, the end of their run on Batman won’t be the last time we will see these two collaborating together. Snyder continued his tweets revealing that their break-up will only last for six months until they are working on their “biggest DC stuff together.”

In case Snyder’s tweets are in doubt, Capullo confirmed the rumor.

Rich Johnston at Bleeding Cool is reporting that Snyder will make a return to the comic series that launched his career at DC and the one that launched Batman, Detective Comics.

Johnston surmises the reason for the move to Detective Comics is to relieve pressure off Snyder from the event driven nature of modern comics as well as the pressure that comes from consistently putting out the top-selling comic at DC. He also believes Snyder “will be more able to do as he pleases with he (sic) character.”

It’s still unclear what Capullo and Snyder will be working on when they reunite later this year.

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