Archer and Armstrong have faced golems, goblins, ninja-nuns, and even a disgruntled Greek god of wine and revelry. But this May the duo will face the menace of drunk Archer.

As the “In The Bag” story continues Archer and Armstrong are still trapped inside Armstrong’s mystical satchel. Bacchus has placed the duo in an insane maze of fine wines and lost treasures. His diabolical plan is to get the two mad drunk. Mhe only problem is there isn’t any enough coffee or aspirin to bring Archer back from the brink of a black-belt blackout that will leave his friends and foes reeling. Mary-Maria must come to the rescue, but will she and Armstrong be able to put aside their differences before the interior of Armstrong’s satchel is permanently ruined by a drunk Archer.

Archer & Armstrong #3 from Rafer Roberts and Dave Lafuente hits comic book shelves on May 11th. Dave Lafuente, Kano, Monica Gallagher, Rafer Roberts, and Ben Oliver will all be providing variant covers. The final order cutoff is today April 18th.

Cover A by David Lafuente

Cover A by David Lafuente

Cover B by Kano

Cover B by Kano

Cover C by Monica Gallagher

Cover C by Monica Gallagher










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