Last week we learned two things, first Supergirl has been renewed for a second season, but what is interesting is that it’s renewal comes with a new home for the show. Supergirl will be joining the ranks of Arrow, The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, on it’s new network The CW. What does this mean?

Well first and foremost it means that the series has at least another season coming up. This should give relief to some fans who were worried that the show wasn’t going to make it past its first season. After an impressive showing at the beginning of the season Supergirl began to see a sharp drop in viewership. Thankfully for the fans, that downward spiral stopped and the show seems to be alive for now. If Supergirl can maintain or even increase its viewership, we should see many more seasons in the future.

With the move to The CW, DC’s television Universe is currently housed on only two networks. Obviously, one being the CW and the other Fox with Lucifer and Gotham. . Though for all intents and purposes Fox and The CW do not appear to be sharing the same universe for their respective shows. Although with the idea of the multiverse in The Flash it is quite possible.

A question that might be on some minds is with Supergirl moving The CW, what will its budget look like? It is quite possible Supergirl’s budget could see a decline since it is being moved to a smaller network, which could possibly hinder the quality of the show. The show’s creators seem to be gearing to counter this by moving from its filming location of Los Angeles, to a new location in Vancouver. This will drop production costs down quite abit, which in turn could give the show the flexibility in costs it will need to maintain quality. As season two rolls around we will see if there is any noticeable difference in the show due to the move to a smaller network. I’m excited to see moves like this happen, since it gives good shows a chance to prosper in a better suited environment.


Another question also arises with Supergirl being picked up on The CW, could fan favorite, Constantine, be resurrected from the dead? While the show was gutted by NBC, The CW did bring in Constantine for a guest appearance on Arrow in Season Four’s “Haunted” episode last year. Despite only being on air for a shortened first season, Constantine gained a cult following with a pretty vocal presence on social media calling for the show’s return. “Haunted” even gave Arrow some of its highest ratings.

In a perfect world, it would be the case, but we all know that in the current state of televison affairs, it’s easy to witness the death of great TV shows due to terrible decisions made by TV execs *cough Firefly, *cough Fringe. Thanks FOX…. We will have to wait and see if fans can continue to pressure the networks and if The CW, if given the green light, is willing to take on yet another DC Comics/Vertigo based show.