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Amazing-Swamp Thing
January 16, 2024
Constantine 2 was given a backseat to another effort at Swamp Thing, for a brief period, according to screenwriter Frank Capello.
John Constantine (Keanu Reeves) demands to meet with Gabriel (Tilda Swinton) in Constantine (2005), Warner Bros. Pictures
November 29, 2023
Francis Lawrence is leaving ‘Hunger Games: Ballad of Songbird and Snakes’ to the history books and shifting his attention to ‘Constantine 2’.
October 31, 2023
A new report claims that J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot Productions previously announced Constantine series is “dead.”
August 14, 2023
A page featuring John Constantine kissing the Devil in a public restroom resurfaced to the shock and dismay of Gabe Eltaeb and others.
Constantine exorcism
February 22, 2023
Its writer Akiva Goldsman confessed Constantine 2 doesn’t have a story yet but everyone is figuring it out thanks to Keanu Reeves.
January 17, 2023
Neil Gaiman further dismisses the detractors of Netflix’s adaptation of his Sandman comics as racist, sexist vax deniers.
November 22, 2022
The return of Swamp Thing may happen in somebody else’s movie. A report suggests he will be in Francis Lawrence’s Constantine sequel.
September 18, 2022
Hell froze over and Constantine 2 starring Keanu Reeves with Francis Lawrence directing and Akiva Goldsman writing is happening.
May 28, 2022
The bloom may be coming off the JJ Abrams rose at Warner Discovery. They and David Zaslav are said to be unhappy with him hogging DC.
April 26, 2022
JJ Abrams is indeed race-swapping John Constantine for his HBO Max universe of Justice League Dark characters.