Ian McGinty, the current Adventure Time artist will be making his creator-owned debut with Z2 Comics as Welcome to Showside gets collected in trade paperback format this June!

The comic series which debuted last Fall in October was the first series from Z2 Comics. The series was inspired by a well received animated short going by the same name. It features iconic musician Henry Rollins.

Welcome to Showside takes readers on the adventures of Kit, a lovable kid with a monstrous secret: his dad is the Great Shadow King and he wants Kit to take over the family business of destroying world. Kits set out with his best friends Moon, a sorceress-in-training, and Belle, the last in a long line of Southern demon-hunters as he fights a plethora of Nexus demons and finally stands up to his Dad.

Welcome to Showside features contributions from Kate Leth, Caitlin Rose Boyle, Maddi Gonzalez, Carolyn Nowak, Carey Pietsch, Joey Weiser. The trade paperback hits stores on June 15th.

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