‘All-New Wolverine’ Scribe Hints At Possible Return of Daken

All-New Wolverine scribe Tom Taylor teased the potential return of Wolverine’s son and nemesis, Daken, in his on-going run on the series.

Taylor was asked whether Daken had any thoughts on X-23 taking on the mantle of Wolverine and while his response wasn’t very specific it did hint at Daken’s inevitable return. Taylor responded, “Keep reading.”

Daken has a storied history in Marvel Comics starting in Wolverine Origins #10 when he made his first appearance and became a member of the Dark Avengers. He originally debuted under the name Wolverine.

He even became the lead character in the Wolverine series which would later become Dark Wolverine in issue #75.

Daken also became one the Horsemen of Death when the Apocalypse Twins resurrected him using a Celestial Death Seed. He’s even clashed with the Punisher in the crossover series, “Punisher: Franken-Castle.”

He’s also clashed with X-23 before. The two formed a brief alliance to confront Malcolm Colcord, the former director of Weapon X in “Daken/X-23: Collision.”

It will be interesting to see how Daken and X-23 get along as All-New Wolverine continues.

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