Weapon X built some of the most deadly mutant killers on the planet. But decades ago they mysteriously vanished.

This April, they are back in business. The creative team of Greg Pak and Greg Land will usher in their resurgence as Weapon X comes under new leadership.

The program will receive more funding and more Adamantium than ever before. And unlike the previous iteration of Weapon X, they have a new mission, eliminating all mutants.

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Weapon X will target Old Man Logan, Sabretooth, Lady Deathstrike, Warpath, and Domino. Will they be able to take down five of the most dangerous mutants in the Marvel Universe?

Weapon X #1 will feature covers by Greg Land, Rob Liefeld, Dale Keown, Leonard Kirk, and David Nakayama.

Take a look:

Weapon X #1

Cover by Greg Land

Weapon X #1

Variant Cover by Rob Liefeld

Weapon X #1

Variant Cover by Dale Keown

Weapon X #1

Corner Box Variant Cover by Leonard Kirk

Weapon X #1

Weapon X #1

Weapon X #1

Weapon X #1 hits comic book shelves on April 12th.

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