The 21 Greatest Batman Gadgets Of All Time!

5. The BatPod

Literally emerging from the ashes of the Batmobile, the Batpod remains the coolest and most enviable ride Batman has ever owned. Able to move side to side as easily as backwards and forwards, the versatile vehicle features two large canons to clear away any debris. Both Batman and Dark Knight Director Christopher Nolan used the pod to great effect, making an entire generation of fans dream about a pod of their own.

4. Smoke Pellets/Bombs

Whether hiding his entrance or his exit, smoke pellets are one of the most frequently used gadgets in Batman’s arsenal. Every interpretation of Batman showcases just how that particular Batman uses smoke to the greatest effect. From Ben Affleck’s gun-toting take to the smoke-filled sequences from the animated series, the billowing clouds of the smoke allow the caped crusader the cover he needs to deal with his enemies in a most secretive fashion.

3. The Batarang

The most easily recognizable of Batman’s weapons, the batarang comes in countless shapes and forms, though all of those forms and shapes resemble a bat symbol. From the computerized and remote controlled batarangs of the Arkham Asylum games to the electrified batarangs of the animated versions, a batarang is a customizable and compact weapon capable of almost anything in the hands of someone as skilled the Dark Knight.

2. The Utility Belt

Housing an unbelievable amount of Batman’s tools, the utility belt is almost a pocket of reality from which Batman can pull any impossible solution or ridiculous plan. While it is essentially carrying cargo, the intricacy of the contents therein makes it one of the most impressive gadgets of all. Every resource must be perfectly housed, protected from activation or release even as Batman does battle against the mightiest of foes.