1. The Grappling Gun

Batman’s greatest gadget is so intertwined with his identity it can almost be forgotten or labeled as part of the suit. Like the jets on Iron Man’s feet or the webs from Spider-Man’s hands, the grappling gun is what grants Batman the ability to simply be Batman. How else could he perch above the watchful gargoyles as an ever-present guardian? How else could he escape the destructive beam of Doomsday’s eyes? The grappling gun is a weapon, a vehicle and a life-saver making it the most important gadget Batman will ever have.

With the versatility needed to fight out of any situation, it’s no surprise Batman continues to ensure he’s prepared for anything. Without any superpowers of his own, Batman uses his intellect and his many gadgets as answers to the superpowers both friends and foes possess. Seen as cruel by some, a few of Batman’s tools are clearly meant to address a situation or person Batman knows he himself is incapable of fighting. The fact that so many of his gadgets exist is a testament to the character’s understanding of his own limitations and the need to expect the unexpected. From an outside point of view we can enjoy Batman’s exploration of the many uses of his tools and weapons. Be it screen or comic panel, there will always be tools and tricks for Batman to test in his proverbial sandbox of Gotham City.

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