Can you spot all six differences in the two Bloodshot Salvation #1 covers by Kenneth Rocafort? You will have to put your detective skills to the test and channel your inner Ninjak in order to find all six!

If you are struggling, don’t worry. You can scroll down and find the answers highlighted with red circles.

Bloodshot Salvation #1

Bloodshot Salvation #1

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Bloodshot Salvation #1 will see Ray Garrison ripped from his peaceful family life with his true love, Magic, and his daughter Jessie. He will be drug back into a violent world of blood, bullets, and broken bones. He will embark on a path of revenge against Magic’s sadistic family in order to lay claim to his lost daughter.

The story will be split in two. One half will tell a story in the present showcasing Bloodshot’s path of revenge that will push him to the brink of madness, mayhem, and warfare.

The second half will showcase Bloodshot’s daughter, Jessie. Jessie has inherited her father’s incredible abilities, but she is being hunted by a high-tech kill squad called Omen, that has risen from the ashes of Project Rising Spirit. Jessie must hone her powers and learn to survive or she will be swallowed by the darkness engulfing America.

Still can’t find all six differences? Here are the answers:

Bloodshot Salvation #1

Jeff Lemire teams up with Lewis LaRosa and Mico Suayan to bring this tale to life. The first issue goes on sale on September 20, 2017! It will feature variant covers by Monika Palosz, Tomas Giorello, Greg Smallwood, Dave Johnson, and Mico Suayan.

Take a look:

Bloodshot Salvation #1

Cover B by Monika Palosz

Bloodshot Salvation #1

Cover C by Tomas Giorello

Bloodshot Salvation #1

Interlocking Variant by Greg Smallwood

Bloodshot Salvation #1

Bloodshot Icon Variant by Dave Johnson

Bloodshot Salvation #1

Brushed Metal Variant by Mico Suayan

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