Marvel’s Daredevil Gives Us an Update on Matt Murdock’s Health!

Daredevil Born Again

In a cheeky Facebook post earlier this week, Marvel’s Daredevil gave us an update on Matt Murdock and the true Devil of Hell’s Kitchen’s health.

The post which appears to be a funeral announcement reads, “I’m fine. #DEFEND”

It’s accompanied by a video that reads:

In Loving Memory of Matthew Murdock

‘Like a muddied spring or a polluted fountain, is the righteous man who gives way before the wicked.’

The video switches between Braille and English.

Take a look:

This follows up on the very last scene of The Defenders that shows Matt Murdock unconscious and laid up in a hospital bed run by a convent. It’s unclear how Murdock arrived at the convent, but we did see an entire skyscraper fall on top of him as he fought with Elektra.

Born Again

The scene is an iconic moment from Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli’s classic Daredevil: Born Again comic run. The 1986 story sees Kingpin drive Daredevil into insanity and destitution as Matt Murdock struggles to rebuild his life. The story also depicts a drug riddled Karen Page who will do anything for her next rush including selling out the identity of Daredevil to Kingpin. After Kingpin savagely beats Matt Murdock to an inch of his life, he tosses him in a cab and shoves it into the East River expecting nature to finish off Murdock. However, Murdock has fighting in his blood and he escapes only to end up at his father’s gym where his mother Maggie meets him and nurses him back to health.

In the final scene of The Defenders, one of the nuns tells another to “Get Maggie. Tell her, he’s awake.” You can see how the folks at Netflix might be hinting at the Daredevil: Born Again story arc. It’s one of the best.

I have high hopes the folks at Netflix and Marvel Studios will do a fantastic job of adapting Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli’s iconic Daredevil: Born Again story.

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