Joker’s Joke: A Man Walks into a Shop

The Joker is at it again. This time he recounts a story of when an unsuspecting Gotham citizen walked into his joke shop!

Joker’s Joke: A Man Walks into a Shop

A Gotham citizen walked into a shop and he saw a very handsome dog. He asks the shop owner, who happens to be the Joker, “Does your dog bite?”
The Joker responds with a slight laugh, “No, my dog doesn’t bite.”
The man happily tries to pet the dog, but the dog attacks him viciously.
A little later he stumbles over to the Joker, “Hey, you said your dog doesn’t bite!”
The Joker laughs in his face, “He doesn’t. That wasn’t my dog. It was Harley Quinn’s!”

Hahahaha now that’s a gas. Too bad for the unsuspecting Gotham citizen. He should never have ventured into Joker’s shop!

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