Joker’s Joke: Joker’s Daughter in the Garden

Joker's Daughter

Now this is some Joker humor. Harley Quinn fans aren’t going to like this one!

Joker’s Joke: Joker’s Daughter in the Garden

Joker was out in the garden behind Arkham Asylum. He had been out there for nearly 4 hours before he came back. It was strange to see Joker in the garden, he never took too much of a liking to Ivy and her plants. When he came back Joker wiped the sweat from his brow, put the dirty shovel he was using up on the rack. A guard asked him, “What have you been doing out there?” Joker replied, “Just tending to my puddin’.”
A couple days passed. Joker hadn’t gone back out to the garden. Joker’s Daughter had overheard Joker’s response to the guard and decided to find out what exactly his puddin’ was.
She went out into the garden early that morning. When she came back, she screamed, “Joker, Joker, I found Harley!”
Joker responded, “How often do I have to tell you not to dig around in the garden?”
The guard who heard Joker’s Daughter’s scream turned to his fellow inmate, “Oh that’s what happened to the crazy clown. Well, one less nut in the nuthouse.”

Now I wonder, what kind of joke did Joker pull on Harley to put her six feet under?

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