Joker’s Joke: Harley in the Hospital

Joker and Harley Quinn

Uh oh! Harley Quinn might be in a load of trouble after letting Joker in on her little secret. I don’t think he’s going to be very forgiving or understanding, but that might just be what she was aiming for!

I dare you not to laugh at this one!

Harley in the Hospital

Harley Quinn was at her maternity hospital and in quite a bit of pain. She was in so much pain you could hear her screaming at Joker all the way at Arkham Asylum. In order to attempt to soothe her pain, Joker got all emotional even shed a tear and told her, “I’m so sorry sweets that you have to endure this…it will be over soon.”

Harley snapped at Joker’s excessive display of emotion, “Don’t worry Puddin’, it’s not your fault.”

Joker’s face lit up like a red balloon and he charged out of the hospital muttering to himself, “Batman will pay for this!”

Harley suddenly went silent and looked over to her Doctor, Hugo Strange. With a big smile on her face, she told Strange, “Now, that’s the Puddin’ I know and love!”

Now, that’s what I call a gas! Joker got a taste of his own cruel humor at the hands of his twisted lover, Harley Quinn. I bet he won’t fall for that anyone again! Well, at least once he discovers the gag.

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