Beware of Spoilers for Justice League, ye who enter here

While Justice League divided many fans, the mid and post-credit sequences didn’t. Both are short and awesome glimpses into DC’s future, if it has one.

The post-credits sequence is what teases the possible future of these films. A masked, “ninja”-like character is seen on a speed boat heading toward a large yacht. When the boat arrives the masked mercenary, Deathstroke, appears before a recently-freed Lex Luthor. The two briefly discuss the events of Justice League, before Deathstroke warns that Luthor, “better not be wasting [his] time.” To that, Luthor replies that they should have a League of their own.

It’s an awesome sequence that teases the best villain team of all time, the Legion of Doom. Will they appear in the DC Films Universe? That remains to be seen. But DC did announce a Deathstroke film starring Joe Manganiello and directed by Gareth Evans.

Now, a couple of images have surfaced of Manganiello as the character. The first is taken straight from the film and posted by Manganiello to social media.

Glorious. The eye-patch; the grey hair. It’s perfect. Whether or not fans will get to see Manganiello portray the character further is up to DC executives, but with the potential for a Deathstroke movie it’s highly likely he will reprise the role. At one point set to star opposite Ben Affleck in The Batman, Deathstroke is now among the many DC characters in limbo. Hopefully limbo doesn’t turn into “development hell.”

Admiring His Work

The next image comes via Justice League’s director, Zack Snyder. The director shared the image on the new social media platform, Vero.

A craftsman enjoying his work come to life. An image that removes all doubt that Zack Snyder doesn’t care about these characters. That’s the look of an artist watching his dream come to life. Snyder’s passion inspired an entire studio, a dedicated fanbase, and many actors to invest in his ideas. Whether or not he’s involved in the future of the DCEU is probably up to Snyder himself. Hopefully, the talented visual artist will find his way back to the drawing board.

Warner Bros. may have issues with Justice League but when his ideas are juxtaposed with talented screenwriters Snyder is more than capable of creating something exciting.