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Source: Gotham Knights (2022), Warner Bros. Games Montreal
October 28, 2022
Walking body horror baddie Clayface may find a place in the DCEU, be it in The Batman's Gotham or The…
Source: Custom
October 7, 2022
The rumor is DC Films is not letting go of original plans for Batman, Deathstroke, or the Legion of Doom,…
March 26, 2020
Jesse Eisenberg says he is open to reprising Lex Luthor and admitted he is willing to play Lex "forever" if…
November 28, 2019
Meanwhile, at Warner Bros. studios, speculation of a Justice League reboot runs rampant as the Legion of Doom plots its…
October 30, 2018
In the latest issue of DC Nation, DC Comics reveals the top 10 threats to the DC Universe with many
Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor in "Justice League" - Warner Bros.
August 1, 2018
A new rumor indicates that maybe the most popular part of Justice League, the tease of the Legion of Doom,…
Justice League - Art by Jim Cheung - DC Comics
Justice League - Art by Jim Cheung - DC Comics
May 14, 2018
A New Day is Dawning Scott Snyder is taking over the Justice League comic. It’s a big deal. New foes have been
Justice League Odyssey - DC Comics
Justice League Odyssey - DC Comics
March 26, 2018
Scott Snyder took to the stage at WonderCon to reveal some of DC Comics' big plans for Justice League including…
December 14, 2017
Here are fifteen DC Villains and anti-heroes that deserve their own live action film.