Joker’s Joke: Flamingo Joins the Legion of Doom


Boy, does Joker have a good one for you, but fair warning this one isn’t for the squeamish or the weak of heart. It involves the villainous Flamingo and his recruitment into the Legion of Doom by the calculating Lex Luthor.

Flamingo Joins the Legion of Doom

After meeting with Deathstroke on the back of his yacht, Lex Luthor needed to bolster the ranks of his newly formed Legion of Doom. In order to do so he invited all of the Metropolis and Gotham villains he knew with the instructions to bring at least one other potential recruit. The idea was if they were going to take on the Justice League, they would need as many people as possible especially after just six people were able to defeat an invading army of Parademons.

One of the invitees was the notorious Gotham criminal, Flamingo. Flamingo’s specialty is eating the faces of his victims after he murders them. He decides to accept the invitation, but has his own ideas of who to bring.

Instead of just bringing one potential recruit, he seemingly brings 10. Lex Luthor, a little upset, this potential recruit was already not following orders, angrily shouted, “Flamingo! The instructions were to only bring one other person. Can you not read?”

Flamingo responded, “Lex, didn’t you also say to bring your own food?”

In the background, everyone could hear Joker laughing hysterically.

I couldn’t help but laugh at that one. Even Joker thought it was funny. I bet Lex was shaking in his boots after that. He better hope he’s not on the dinner menu!

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