The 10 Best Comic Books of 2017

Batman #35 Cover

There are ton of comic books that come out of every year. There so many it’s pretty much impossible to read them all. Nevertheless, here are the 10 Best Comic Books of 2017!

10. Savage Things

Savage Things

Savage Things is written by Justin Jordan with art work by Ibrahim Moustafa and published by Vertigo Comics. The story follows Abel in both the past and the present. In the past, he’s a young kid recruited by a secret government organization. He’s trained to be the United States’ most lethal killer along with 24 other kids. He undergoes a brutal initiation where any kind of moral code is wiped out. In the present, he has walked away from the government kill squad and is on his own. However, he’s brought back into the fold to put his former initiates in the ground. They’ve gone rogue and Abel is the only one who can defeat him. And he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty.

The story is extremely well written by Jordan with government conspiracies, broken friendships, and past mysteries. It’s also full of violent action sequences and heartbreaking emotional moments. The first trade paperback goes on sale this January which will collect Savage Things #1-8.

9. Bloodshot Salvation

Bloodshot Salvation #9

Valiant Comics’ Bloodshot Salvation was one of my most anticipated series this year and it hasn’t let me down. Jeff Lemire teams up with two of comics best artists Lewis LaRosa and Mico Suayan to continue Ray Garrison’s action-packed and tragic story. As with Savage Things, Bloodshot Salvation is also split into two parts, the present and the near future. In the present, Bloodshot has finally achieved his happy ending, but when his wife, Magic’s, past rears its head, Bloodshot seeks to defend his family no matter the cost. In the future, Bloodshot is missing and Magic is on the run with their daughter. They are pursued by Project Omen and the villainous Rampage, but have found allies in Punk Mambo and other victims of the Project Rising Spirit’s experimentation.

Jeff Lemire brings his A game and the artwork is just absolutely phenomenal. The story is only four issues in, so now’s the time to get on board!

8. The Sovereigns

Sovereigns #0

Dynamite Entertainment reunites the classic Gold Key heroes of Turok, Doctor Spektor, Magnus, Solar, and Mighty Sampson for an epic mini series that redefines the Gold Key heroes’ world. A mysterious threat seeks to wipe out the world as the heroes know it. However, they are completely unprepared for it. Magnus and Solar must rush to discover what is attacking their world before it is completely consumed.

The Sovereigns is written by Ray Fawkes and Kyle Higgins with art by Johnny Desjardins and Jorge Fornes is a fun and intriguing science fiction mystery that involves all your favorite Gold Key heroes. The suspense and build-up is phenomenal as you can’t put it down until you figure out what is actually threatening them. And once the true threat is revealed the problem becomes how to defeat it. The task is monumental!

7. Batman: White Knight

Batman: White Knight #1

Sean Gordon Murphy might just be putting together the best Batman mini series since Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns. Murphy’s artwork is absolutely phenomenal, but his story is also intriguing. The story was sold as a reversal of roles for Batman and Joker, but it has been anything but. Joker might be putting on a new image, but he’s still through and through the Joker. It adds a new dimension of cunning to the Joker which we haven’t truly seen in awhile.

We are only three issues in of the eight issue miniseries, but each issue so far has had me at the edge of my seat.

6. Darth Vader

Darth Vader #1

Charles Soule teams up with artist Giuseppe Camuncoli to launch a brand new Darth Vader book that begins right as Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith ends. Vader’s emotion is raw and powerful. However, the Emperor showcases his ability to manipulate and control Vader to do his bidding. He sends him on a mission to craft his own red lightsaber by defeating a powerful Jedi. Soule and Camuncoli are able to expand on the Star Wars mythos while telling interesting, powerful stories. I can’t wait to see them continue into the new year!

5. Aquaman

Aquaman #31

Dan Abnett has teamed up with a number of artists on Aquaman over the past year. Most notably might be Stjepan Sejic. Sejic took over art duties on Aquaman #25 and he has brought his unique style to Atlantis. The combo between Abnett and Sejic has been fantastic, we’ve seen Arthur Curry deposed as King and how he’s been drawn back to lead a rebellion to retake the kingdom. However, he’s still not sure if he’s able to lead Atlantis with the population so divided. While Abnett does an excellent job with palace intrigue, he’s also given us mystery stories that Aquaman must solve. It’s fresh and exciting and really delves into Aquaman and his surrounding cast.

4. The Flash

The Flash #27

Joshua Williamson’s run on the Flash is just as good as Abnett’s run on Aquaman. He’s introduced new villains that expose Barry’s friendship and relationships. Not only have some of his closest relationships turned out to bite Barry in the butt, but he’s also struggled to connect with Iris and Wally West.

Barry has also had to face past demons in the form of the Reverse Flash. But it’s not the same challenges as old. This time Thawne is out to destroy Barry’s future and even his present by exposing him to the Negative Speed Force.

It’s new challenges, new adventures, and a whole lot of fun.

3. He-Man/Thundercats

He-Man/Thundercats #1

Writers Rob David and Lloyd Goldfine team with artist extraordinaire Freddie E. Williams II to provide one of the most action-packed and fun crossovers of the year. David and Goldfine provide twists and turns aplenty and capture the fun and adventure of the 80s cartoons.

Not only is the story great fun, but Williams’ artwork is magnificent to behold. He captures the terrifying figures of Skeletor and Mumm-Ra as they team up to try to finally finish off He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and the Thundercats.

2. Seven to Eternity

Seven to Eternity #1

Writer Rick Remender and artist Jerome Opeña team up for one of the best books of the year. Seven to Eternity tells the story of Adam Osidis as he struggles to do what is right while keeping his family safe and secure. He finds himself conflicted as he joins with a band of magic users to depose the evil God of Whispers.

Remender is able to blend Osidis’ internal conflict with plenty of external conflicts as the “Yellow Brick Road” is full of dangers and new surprises. And then add in the so-called prisoner is anything, but given his true power is in the deals he can make.

Remender tells a truly fascinating tale of family, morals, and the dangers of making bargains with the devil.

1. Dark Nights: Metal

Dark Nights: Metal #1

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo launched their epic event earlier this year and it has taken DC Comics and the comic book world by storm.

The evil Barbatos has recruited seven deadly evil versions of Batman to bring destruction to the DC Multiverse. The individual issues of each Dark Knight Batman have been fantastic and expanded what we knew of the DC Universe. We’ve seen the depravity these Dark Knights are willing to go to.

They’ve also pushed our heroes to the limit. Hope looks dim as Barbatos and his minions have defeated a number of the DC heroes. The risk seems real and this attack on the DC Multiverse is definitely going to have repercussions throughout the DC Comics world.

Dark Nights: Metal is epic storytelling at its best!

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