Report: Deathstroke Vs. Batman Series in the Works

Deathstroke vs Batman

A new report indicates a Deathstroke vs. Batman series is in the works at DC Comics.

The report from Bleeding Cool says writer Christopher Priest will team up with Deathstroke artist Carlo Pagulayan for a brand new series that is expected to ship in April 2018. Lee Weeks is expected to produce covers for the series.

Batman vs Deathstroke

It definitely looks like DC Comics is putting some of their best on the series. Priest is currently the writer on DC Comics’ on-going Deathstroke series as well as Justice League. He was also tapped to contribute to the DC Universe Holiday Special 2017 #1. Pagulayan will be joining Priest and his recent work includes a number of Deathstroke issues as well as Wonder Woman.

Deathstroke’s star in the DC Universe has risen over the past years. Most recently we saw a live-action version played by Joe Manganiello in a post-credits scene in Justice League. Manganiello’s Deathstroke was also supposed to be the primary antagonist in the now canned Ben Affleck directed Batman solo movie. But even with Affleck’s solo Batman project ultimately not coming to fruition, DC still had plans for Deathstroke. A number of reports indicate Deathstroke will get his own solo film.

Not only is the character emerging as a top live-action pull on the big-screen, but Manu Bennett’s performance as Slade Wilson, Deathstroke real name, has been absolutely stellar on Arrow.

Deathstroke first appeared in Marv Wolfman and George Pérez’s The New Titans #2 all the way back in December of 1980Back then he was simply known as The Terminator, but had his name changed to avoid confusion with The Terminator movie franchise starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Slade Wilson would go on to become one of the most feared supervillains in the DC Universe. He’s most known as a ruthless mercenary who takes contracts and kills anyone who gets in his way.

In one of his best roles, Identity Crisis, Deathstroke is hired by Dr. Light to protect him from a number of members of the Justice League including Elongated Man, Hawkman, Atom, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Zatanna, Wally West, and Kyle Rayner. Deathstroke almost single-handedly defeats all of them at once. However, Green Arrow stabs him in his right eye causing Wilson to lose focus and eventually lead to his defeat.

Deathstroke vs Justice League

As for Batman, the two have fought a number of times. He’s even destroyed Batman’s Batplane with his sword after being injected with a mixture of Venom and Fear Toxin. Most recently, Batman confronted Deathstroke in the “War of Jokes and Riddles.” Batman was forced to take down Deathstroke and Deadshot after the two brutalized Gotham.

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