Wolverine Battles Predator in the MOST EPIC Super Power Beat Down!

Wolverine vs Predator

An advanced alien species, who take pride in being the best hunters in the galaxy, might just meet their match in one of the most ferocious X-Men, Wolverine.

A Predator faces off against Wolverine in arguably the best episode of Super Power Beat Down ever!

But before we get to the throwdown, we have to task. Who do you think would win? Predator or Wolverine?

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The action begins at around the 4:00 mark. Watch:

The setting is in the jungles of Columbia in South America. Wolverine is walking through a creek bed when he picks up a new scent. Unbeknownst to him, a Predator lurks in the trees above. Wolverine knows something isn’t right and tries to get to higher ground to get a better look at his surroundings. But he leaves himself out in the open and that’s when the Predator makes his move. He fires an energy blast that hits Wolverine square in the back. The power of the blast sends Wolverine flying back down into the creek bed.

After making his initial attack and potentially believing he has finished off his prey, the Predator uncloaks and leaps down into the creek to confirm the kill. The stalker now becomes the prey. Wolverine evades detection by hiding at the bottom of the creek. When the Predator draws near, he reveals himself. That’s when the two launch into hand to hand combat. Wolverine appears to get the upper hand, head butting the Predator and throwing him off balance. However, he uses his shoulder-mounted gun and fires a blast right into Wolverine’s chest. It doesn’t phase Wolverine one bit as he launches into a flurry attack with his razor sharp claws.

After wounding the Predator, it realizes it needs to keep Wolverine at a distance. It begins firing multiple energy blasts at Wolverine to drive him back. Wolverine sees his disadvantage and lures the Predator and once again eludes the fearsome hunter. Wolverine leaps from above and destroys the Predator’s energy gun. Then the hand to hand combat really heats up. The two launch savage attacks against one another. But only one will be left standing!

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