Marvel Reveals the Wielder of the Mind Stone and the Time Stone!

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The Infinity Countdown has begun and the race to acquire all six of the Infinity Stones has already had deadly costs for some.

Gerry Duggan and artist Mike Deodato Jr. provide an excellent introduction into the Infinity Countdown with Infinity Countdown Prime #1. Not only do the two reveal the location and wielders of all six of the Infinity Stones, but they also bring back some fan-favorite characters!

As you probably already know through the Wolverine post-credit scenes in various Marvel Comics book over the past month, Wolverine controls the Space Stone. The Guardians of the Galaxy are defending the Power Stone which is now the size of a small moon. As revealed in Infinity Countdown: Adam Warlock #1, Magus controls the Soul Stone. That leaves the Reality Stone, the Time Stone, and the Mind Stone left open. Well, the Reality Stone or should I say Stones are held by an interesting group of people.

That leaves us with the Time Stone and the Mind Stone.

Well, the Mind Stone is being controlled by one of the most unlikely of people. A low-level Daredevil villain by the name of Turk currently wields the Mind Stone and he’s using it to enrich himself as he gambles his way through New York City.

Turk Mind Stone

Turk Mind Stone


As you can see Duggan and Deodato don’t specifically show the Mind Stone that Turk is wielding, it is heavily implied he is wielding the Mind Stone and using it to not only play Blackjack, but win.

With the Mind Stone revealed, that leaves us only with the Time Stone left. Well, one of Marvel’s greatest villains know holds the Time Stone. The Skrull known as KL’RT or you might better know him as Super Skrull now controls the Time Stone.

Skrull Time Stone
And as you can tell Super Skrull knows what he has and is already thinking about acquiring the other five stones.

Now you know who controls all of the Infinity Stones!

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