Don’t think that a small group of dedicated fans can make a difference? Well just look at fans of Constantine. After a few guest spots on Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, Constantine will officially become a series regular starting with season four of Legends of Tomorrow. However, there is a catch. According to Matt Ryan’s John Constantine will be a series regular only if and when The CW renews Legends of Tomorrow for Season 4.

It’s more than likely the show will be renewed, but an official statement has not yet been released. In fact, The CW has not officially announced renewals for any of their shows including The Flash and Riverdale.

Matt Ryan’s Constantine will make an appearance on tonight’s episode of Legends of Tomorrow titled, “Necromancing the Stone.” The show’s title appears to be a fun nod at the movie Romancing the Stone. Constantine is also expected to return for the season finale in three weeks.

For those who need a refresher, Constantine first made his way into the Arrowverse in “Haunted” during the fourth season of Arrow. Oliver Queen calls on Constantine to reunite Sara Lance’s soul with her body after Laurel used the Lazarus Pit to bring her back to life. Sara would go onto play a key role and even become the team leader in the campy time-traveling show Legends of Tomorrow.

Constantine would be mentioned in four more episodes in Arrow Season 4, but would not actually appear in the Arrowverse again until DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 3. In “Beebo the God of War,” Constantine is called in to help save a girl possessed by a demon. However, the demon would acturally turn out to be Mallus, the current villain on Legends of Tomorrow. The child would actually be a teenage Nora Darhk.

Before joining the Arrowverse, Matt Ryan’s John Constantine actually had his own series on NBC. Unfortunately, the network pulled the plug on the show after the first season. Since then fans have been lobbying for the show to return. While, a full live-action series has not come about, fans did succeed in seeing Matt Ryan’s Constantine find a home in the Arrowverse and it looks like DC and The CW have big plans for him with Season 4 of Legends of Tomorrow. Not only that, it was reported last January that Matt Ryan would reprise his role as John Constantine in a new animated series which would be released on The CW Seed.

Hard work and a dedicated fan base can make things happen! I can’t wait to see where they take John Constantine’s character next season. Don’t forget, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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