Cable Comes After Wade Wilson in the Brand New Deadpool 2 Trailer!

Deadpool 2 trailer
Deadpool 2 - Ryan Reynolds - 20th Century Fox

“Kiss me like you miss me, Red!”

Another brand new Deadpool 2 trailer is here. There has already been an incredible amount of hilarious promotional material for the film. Ryan Reynolds is a one-man-marketing team for Deadpool, after all. And despite conflicting reports, it sounds like screenings for the film went very well. Now, another trailer has arrived to get us even more excited for the film’s upcoming release!

Check it out:

Makes you wonder how the Venom trailer could look so bad when the same company is capable of making something as self-aware and awesome as Deadpool. And the plot of the film looks even more exciting!

For a while now fans have known that an X-Force film is getting underway from director Drew Goddard. Now it looks like plans are starting early! Deadpool mentions the team directly in the trailer. Would this technically mean that the formation of the X-Force really takes place in Deadpool 2? It certainly looks like it.

While Deadpool wasn’t able to share his first stage with many other mutants, it looks like more than a few will be getting in on the fun, including the wonderful Terry Crews! Who wants to make a bet that there’s going to be an Old Spice joke in the movie?

Having Cable as the antagonist for most of the film is a great way to both introduce the epic character and take advantage of Josh Brolin’s incredible acting. As he is also about to show us in Infinity War, villains get to have more fun. While Cable probably isn’t your typical villain, he hasn’t technically said he wants to kill that kid yet… leaving plenty of room for misdirection and a budding friendship with his new buddy, Wade Wilson.

20th Century Fox’s Deadpool 2 starring Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin hits theaters on May 18th.

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