Batman writer Tom King, who has been writing the book since DC launched their Rebirth initiative a little over two years ago, showed up to San Diego Comic-Con with a bodyguard.

King explains why David, his bodyguard, is accompanying him to the Comic-Con, “Because of the Batman 50 death threats.” However, King made light of the situation by saying David “is presumably already very bored with endless looking for toys.”

A number of fans were very displeased with the way DC Comics handled their Batman #50 issue. Batman #50 was the much anticipated wedding issue between Batman and Catwoman. If you aren’t up to date, DC leaked the entire story to the New York Times, who spoiled whether or not Batman and Catwoman would get married. Not only did they spoil the story, they spoiled it in the headline.

A number of fans were very upset and promised not to purchase Batman #50, leaving a number of local comic shops on the hook for those Batman issues.

But fans weren’t just upset about the leak either, they were also displeased with what actually happened. It appears some fans took their displeasure a little too far and threatened King with death threats.

Death threats are no stranger to comic book professionals in recent years. Former DC Comics artist Ethan Van Sciver, now a happy frog merchant, received threats before attending a fan signing at a comic book themed pizza shop in Florida. The day after Van Sciver’s signing, the shop was vandalized.

This type of behavior should be roundly condemned. Comic book creators should not be receiving death threats for the storylines they write.

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