Letterer Taylor Esposito has taken to Twitter to address the personal attacks and insults discovered in Dynamite Comics and Atari’s Centipede #4. The comic included a personal attack against writer Jon Del Arroz as well as Vox Day’s [easyazon_link identifier=”9527303001″ locale=”US” tag=”boundingintocomics-20″]Alt-Hero[/easyazon_link] comic book series.

Esposito claims the alien script in the book was included by an intern.

He did not name the intern.

Esposito has a track record of targeting other comic professionals. He previously cheered on B. Clay Moore’s threat against Diversity & Comics. Moore threatened to follow Diversity & Comics around a convention floor in the hopes of goading him into violence.

Esposito would cheer him on, “I’d love to yell ‘one punch’ after you level him.”

Dynamite previously released a statement: “Dynamite was made aware of an issue, and resolved with the creator in question. No further comment.”

However in an email correspondence with Jon Del Arroz Dynamite’s Joseph Ryblandt responded:

“Ok, well, we found out what happened and it was not know (Sp?) by the major players working on the issue, nor the editorial staff and, it was apparently adjusted for the trade paperback. So, it’s taken care of in the permanent record and I apologize for the harm it may have caused.

Our marketing director is tweeting out your indigo-go as you requested.”

Do you believe that this was done by an intern? Or do you think Esposito and Dynamite Comics could be covering their tracks?