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August 4, 2018
The Ferryman, which just wrapped up its IndieGoGo fundraiser, has split ways with letterer Taylor Esposito after a personal attack against Jon Del Arroz was uncovered in the pages of Dynamite Comics’ Centipede #4.
August 3, 2018
Dynamite Entertainment handled the nasty personal attack that was uncovered in Centipede #4 consummate professionalism on a corporate level.
Taylor Esposito
August 2, 2018
Letterer Taylor Esposito has taken to Twitter to address the personal attacks and insults discovered in Dynamite Comics and Atari’s Centipede #4 against Jon Del Arroz and Vox Day’s Alt Hero.
August 2, 2018
Vox Day and Arkhaven Comics, who were insulted in Dynamite Comics and Atari’s Centipede #4 by writer Max Bemis, artist Eion Marron, and letterer Taylor Esposito has issued an exclusive response.
The Centipede #4
August 2, 2018
Comic book writer and the lead singer of Say Anything Max Bemis, artist Eoin Marron, and letterer Taylor Esposito decided to use Atari’s Centipede intellectual property in a Dynamite Comics published book to attack fellow comic book writer Jon Del Arroz. 
June 25, 2016
In this new series that mashes The Breakfast Club with Sailor Moon, Kai, Saba, Noemi, Divya, and Emma are (bad) […]