Comic Book Creators Gerry Conway, Phil Jimenez, and More Demonize Republicans After Brett Kavanaugh Hearings

A number of comic book creators began to demonize the Republican Party following the events of the Brett Kavanaugh hearings on Thursday. Gerry Conway, John Layman, Phil Jimenez, and Rob Sheridan got in on the act in one way or another.

Gerry Conway, who co-created The Punisher and wrote the death of Gwen Stacy during his run on The Amazing Spider-Man described the Republican Party as “the face of angry white male privilege.”

John Layman, who just recently decided to savagely attack fellow creator Nasser Rabadi in an expletive rant after Rabadi accused Layman of being racist, called Republicans “monsters.”

Phil Jimenez, who has done work on Wonder Woman, Infinite Crisis, New X-Men, and The Invisibles, took it a step further and echoed the sentiments of fellow creator Ron Marz in calling for incivility. Jimenez advocated for harassment of Republicans stating, “We should literally be doing this to them in every corner and every elevator we find them trying to hide in. Always, every day.”

Vertigo Comics writer Rob Sheridan, who previously called Trump supporters “racist psychopaths,” tried to one up himself by describing members of the Senate Judiciary Committee as “scum. F****** scum.”

Rob Sheridan

The comic book creators wouldn’t be alone. CBR and Polygon writer Kieran Shiach would also echo Jimenez’s call for harassment. This should come as no surprise given he’s made it clear he also wants to execute people via guillotine.

This level of rhetoric is rather sickening. You have comic book professionals demonizing and dehumanizing their fellow humans and even peers who might happen to be Republican voters. But in some cases like Phil Jimenez and Kieran Shiach, they are actually advocating for the harassment of Republicans! And why are they doing this? They are doing this over politics. They are doing this over a Supreme Court nominee. They are doing this over unsubstantiated accusations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. It’s just pure insanity and lunacy. These folks have lost their minds.

It’s really no surprise why the comic book industry is struggling mightily the past couple years. People are abandoning it in droves because they’ve seen behind the curtain, and they don’t like the nasty, disgusting vitriol one bit.

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