IDW’s Jonathan H. Gray Gets Called Out For Bad Behavior, Then He Plays Victim

When you report the truth, you will make people angry. When you make people angry, sometimes they lash out in some creative ways.

That’s the case with IDW cover artist Jonathan H. Gray, who has recently been doing covers for Sonic the Hedgehog and other Sonic related titles.

Gray decided to target our very own site in a nasty tirade on Twitter. He claims we “incite and spread harassment against creators of colors and those who do not tolerate what they stand for.” He also tries to insinuate that we are homophobic, transphobic, and racist. (Archive:

His claims are patently false. And as you’d expect, he doesn’t have any evidence to back up his hateful and ludicrous claims.

Do we report on Comicsgate? Yes, that’s true, but Comicsgate is not a hate group. In fact, the hate comes from people like Gray and Comicsgate detractors. It comes from Star Wars writer Chuck Wendig who associated Star Wars fans with white supremacists with no evidence. Or people like Bill Sienkiewicz who decided to tell comic book fans, “you won’t be missed one damn bit.” The list could go on.

Whether some people like it or not. This is news. And it’s a big reason why many consumers are walking away from comics.

You cannot make a claim against people without backing it up with evidence. Attacking your customers because of political disagreements is disastrous for an industry bleeding readers.

But Gray apparently sees nothing wrong with this type of behavior because he actively participates in it.

In fact he goes on a long-winded rant encouraging his followers to block comic book customers and our followers.

Plenty of Twitter users utilize these block chains as a means to insulate themselves from people that are usually critical of their behavior or people they simply disagree with. They usually end up blocking thousands of people. People that could be their customers or at the very least their potential customers. In fact, a number of fans have found that they are blocked without ever interacting with creators. Sometimes they even end up blocking other creators that they might actually need to get in touch with. The sin of simply following the wrong person can at times put you on a list.

Though many have been critical of the practice, it doesn’t violent Twitter’s TOS. But it surely can’t be a prudent business practice.

Next Gray would go on to claim that reporting on his own behavior is “attacking him.” He tries to play the victim.

However, his own previous behavior is on full display for everyone to see and judge for themselves.

Gray decided it was prudent to write on Twitter that he thinks comic book fans and consumers specifically those who support Comicsgate are “racists, homophobes, xenophobes, and nazis.” It’s the same tactic he is now using against us.

Apparently in Gray’s version of the world and the world that many other comic book professionals live in, actively reporting on comments that insult consumers and fans is now a form of “attacking.” All we did was simply report the facts of the story.

Gray’s claims go from absurd to insidious when he implies that we are a “mouthpiece” for harassment.

But it’s hard not to laugh at the complete delusion of his claims. We report on the going on’s of the industry as fairly as possible. Second, just by reporting on a story, doesn’t equate to a campaign of harassment. This conflation of terms misrepresents the basics of reality.

Finally Gray calls for his followers to block us again.

IDW has had a troubled history over the past year with a number of their staff and creators insulting fans, calling for violence, and more.

The most egregious example is IDW’s Editorial Director of Graphic Novels & Collections Justin Eisinger thought it was a good idea to threaten to kill President Trump and his supporters. He implied they should be executed via guillotine just like the French Revolution.

their their publishing’s Editor director of Graphic Novels & Collections Justin Eisinger threatening to kill President Trump as well as threating violence against his supporters.

And then this past week, we reported on other members of IDW’s Sonic the Hedgehog team who decided they wanted to insult their fans and paying customers.

And this all comes as IDW bleeds cash.

Who is really spreading hate and harassment? Could it be that creators like Jonathan H. Gray are upset that we report on how they treat their customers and fans, and he simply doesn’t like that?

What do you think? Have we reported fairly? Or is this a case of another pro taking generalizations to the extreme?



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