After Kavanaugh Hearings, Riverdale Star Molly Ringwald Gives Republican Party Nasty New Label

After the FBI report on Kavanaugh came out yesterday, Riverdale Star Molly Ringwald took to Twitter to deliver some harsh words to the Republican Party and its members. She decided to call the political party of President Donald Trump, “the Rape Party.”

Going to Twitter to air your personal/political grievances isn’t new. She is playing from the current Hollywood manual of using hyperbolic statements against those you don’t agree with.

However, Ringwald’s Tweet might not have gone the way she wanted it too. A number of users took her to task for the very nasty label.

While some were just tired of movie and TV stars and their opinions:

The actress who is playing Archie’s mother Mary Andrews on The CW’s Riverdale wasn’t done yet. She would blast the government and police for arresting her fellow celebrities Amy Schumer and Emily Ratajkowski. She claimed their arrest was an example of fascism.

Schumer and Ratajkowski were arrested along with around 300 individuals. They were charged with “crowding, obstructing, or incommoding – a misdemeanor.”

Ringwald isn’t the only person in the acting industry who has taken to Twitter to express the way they feel. This past weekend, Captain America Star Chris Evans tried to take rapper Kayne West to task over his support for President Donald Trump. Even accusing the rapper of not knowing history. A number of Avengers 4 stars would also team up with an anti-gun group to promote a get out the vote campaign.

What do you think about celebrity political activism? Does it have a place? Or are you tired of all of the rhetoric?

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