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Source: Supergirl Season 4 - Episode 19 (2019), DC Entertainment
April 23, 2021
Supergirl star Nicole Maines has claimed that Arkansas new transgender law, aimed at protecting children, hurts the trans community.
Source: Supergirl Season 6 Trailer
April 12, 2021
After Arkansas banned transgender drugs and surgery for minors, the Supergirl cast decides to share their thoughts on social media.
December 4, 2020
A new rumor claims that the primary villains of The Flash's seventh season will be Cobalt Blue and the Red…
December 2, 2020
David Ramsey is set to return to The CW's Arrowverse as an episode director, Diggle and an unknown 'mystery' character!
Black Lightning-Painkiller
November 16, 2020
Tortured and redeemed thug Painkiller is getting a backdoor pilot for The CW in an episode of Season 4 of…
Tom Welling No to Flash Rumors
September 28, 2020
Tom Welling is not playing an alternate Superman, after all, in The Flash and, focused on his new series, doesn't…
June 11, 2020
Leaked audition tapes tell us how Ryan Wilder becomes Batwoman and what her motives are. And Caroline Dries clarifies comments…
March 30, 2020
Black Lightning season 3 wasn't great but after the universe twisting events of 'Crisis' combined with a course-correct - the…
March 17, 2020
A GoFundMe fundraiser was started for a production assistant paralyzed on the set of Batwoman by a lift two days…
November 15, 2019
CW's beleaguered Arrowverse program Batwoman could face cancellation if ratings, which drop like a stone week after week, do not…