Avengers and Captain Marvel star Samuel L. Jackson got political by appearing in a political ad for Swing Left to support Democrat Angie Craig.

The ad is almost a minute long and you can see it from Jackson’s official Twitter account below:

The ad starts with Jackson sitting in a kitchen cleaning a cat litter box. He quickly identifies it as belonging to Angie Craig. He mentions that Angie is busy with mid-terms only a few short days away. And that is why he has taken time to clean her litter box for her since she is campaigning “24/7.”

As the video continues, Samuel L. Jackson scoops out cat “treasures” and he states that it’s important that Democrats take back the House. In fact, Jackson states he’s willing to do anything to help. He looks back at the box with a sad face and again says “anything.” Anyone who’s cleaned cat boxes would know, it isn’t the most enjoyable experience.

Then the camera pans to an orange tabby owned by Candidate Angie Craig. We see Jackson again and as he looks at the cat he says “I am so not a cat person.”  The video ends with another shot of the tabby with the words Call Canvass Volunteer appearing on the screen.

Samuel L. Jackson who plays Nick Fury in the Marvel Cinematic Universe isn’t the only star of the franchise who is pushing his political views in the upcoming mid-term elections.

A number of other Avengers stars including Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Don Cheadle, and Mark Ruffalo appeared in a Get Out the Vote campaign to support  March For Our lives, a well known anti-gun rights organization.

The idea of Hollywood political activism is of course nothing new. Jackson has been an outspoken supporter of the Democrat party for many years. Though this election cycle things have been a bit more heated than normal for the upcoming midterm elections.

Other Hollywood stars have also gotten political. Halloween star Jamie Lee Curtis recently shared a picture of a shredded U.S. Constitution following the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation.

Riverdale actress Molly Ringwald decided to use inflammatory language and called the Republican Party, the “Rape Party” during the Brett Kavnaugh confirmation process. .

What do you think of the ad? Did you find it humorous? And what do you think of it’s lighter tone? Do you think Hollywood celebrities should be using their fame to push a political agenda?