Report: Mark Zaid No Longer Representing Mark Waid

Update: A source tells us that Zaid is still the lead counsel, but has hired local counsel. This is unconfirmed.

Second Update: Mark Zaid confirms he’s still representing Mark Waid. Zaid writes on Facebook:

“I remain lead attorney for Mark Waid. I am not licensed in the State of Texas. That means I needed to retain local TX counsel, which I did. They appropriately filed the Motion for Extension and will soon be filing a Pro Hac Vice Motion which will seek my admission to the court proceeding.”

He echoed those statements on Twitter:

Rekeita responded:

Original article continues:

A new report indicates that Mark Zaid is no longer representing Mark Waid in his court case against Richard Meyer aka Diversity & Comics.

Nick Rekieta of Rekieta Law broke the news while reading a motion for an extension from Waid.

Rekieta reveals at around the 3:00 minute mark that Waid is now represented by Beverly Reeves. Rekieta explains, “So something must have happened there, either Zaid has ceased representation or Waid sought alternative representation from someone else.” Rekieta then definitively declares, “Mark Zaid… is no longer Mark Waid’s attorney.”

Rekieta believes the request for extension is specifically because of Reeves’ involvement as Waid’s new representation.

“There’s no mystery here. Meyer consented to it because Waid’s got a new attorney, and the new attorney needs a little time to properly craft an answer.”

Nick Rekieta then goes on to provide why he thinks Mark Zaid is no longer representing Waid:

“It appears Waid was just unsatisfied with Zaid’s representation or Zaid came up with a conflict of interest of some sort.”

Rekieta then goes into his own personal theory as to what the change in lawyer could mean.

“If you want my personal theory, my personal theory is that Zaid got caught up in the case saying it was a comic book case. If he’s as big of a comic book fan as he says he is, Mark Waid is probably known to him. He’s probably a fan. And he said, “Yea, I’m definitely going to defend Mark Waid, he’s a good guy, I know he wouldn’t do anything wrong. This is ridiculous. Tortious interference is kind of a weird claim. All those things.’

And then he started seeing evidence. This is my theory. My Theory. He started seeing evidence, looking into the case, asking questions, and maybe thought, ‘Maybe you do want to settle this case.’ Or maybe he just gave Mark Waid the initial bill, the estimate of how much it would cost to take this thing to trial. And maybe Waid doesn’t want to settle. Maybe Waid wants to fight. That could be a sign here that Waid wants to fight this out.”

Rekieta continues:

“The other guy was very, very expensive. I don’t know what Beverly Reeves’ fee is, but Mark Zaid is an international lawyer, who has kind of a big profile as we all saw. He costs quite a bit of money. Waid might not have been able to afford taking it to trial under him. Maybe under Reeves he has a better chance of doing that.”

Rekieta then speculates:

“I do speculate that there was probably a discussion about settlement and at least at first Waid said, ‘No, I will not settle this.” And went on to another attorney.”

What do you think about Mark Waid switching up his attorneys? Do you think this could be a better for Waid or Meyer?

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