In the latest issue of DC Nation, DC Comics reveals the top 10 threats to the DC Universe with many of them being extremely new characters to the DC Universe. In fact, one of the characters on this list hasn’t even appeared in DC Comics yet!

10. Bane


Bane has always been a threat to the DC Universe. He’s a master strategist and a true physical threat with Venom pumping through his veins. Most recently, Bane has targeted Batman in order to throw his life into chaos. In fact, it appears he was the mastermind behind breaking up Catwoman and Batman’s marriage.

Batman editor Jamie S. Rich lays out what Bane’s upcoming goals are, “He already broke Batman physically, so his new goal is to break everything else around him. If he began with destroying a romance, with breaking the man’s heart, the mind boggles as to where and how – and perhaps, whom-he will strike next.”

9. Talia Al Ghul

Talia Al Ghul

Talia Al Ghul is currently the leader of the Leviathan organization. Much like Bane, she is also a keen strategist and master manipulator. Talia is making her presence known in Silencer and Action Comics.

Silencer writer Dan Abnett explains Talia’s future plans, “She has a global agenda and the will see it through. She wants to prove to her father – who never thought her good enough to be his heir and legacy – that she can exceed him in every way. And there’s every chance that she can.”

8. Darkseid


It’s quite a surprise to see Darkseid so low on this list. He’s always been a huge cosmic threat to the DC Universe marshaling the forces of Apokolips to lead countless invasions of worlds to fuel the forges of Apokolips. However, after being killed by the Anti-Monitor in the Darkseid War, Darkseid was reborn and has lost much of his previous power.

Nevertheless he is still a capable foe and is making his presence felt in Justice League Odyssey where he has teamed up with a number of Justice League members to explore the mysterious new Ghost Sector.

Justice League Odyssey writer Joshua Williamson explains what Darkseid might get up to, “He’s bigger than his battles with the DCU heroes. He’s the oldest evil. The darkness that haunts our past, present, and future. He’ll always be out there and a part of us, feeding the hateful parts of the universe. Darkseid is.”


7. The Dragon God Namma

Dragon God Namma

The Dragon God Namma is a new player to the DC Universe. The character isn’t expected to appear until Aquaman #43 in December. However, DC Nation reveals she’s an ancient Babylonian serpent goddess and one of the first deities worshiped by humanity. In fact, there’s a legend that Namma gave life to the universe.

While might be a new character, she isn’t exactly new to the DC Universe. She’s been trapped in a nether-dimension. Somehow she will be awakened and will quickly seek personal vengeance.

New Aquaman writer Kelly Sue DeConnick provides some key details about Namma and her goals, “Namma is proud and angry. While the other sea gods worship the sea and beg for her mercy, guidance, and answers, Namma is defiant, determined that the rightful order of things be reversed – the ocean should serve her. She is not a steward, she is a goddess and a queen.” Namma is powered by her rage and will do everything in her power to seek vengeance on the other sea gods who banished her as well as the ocean itself!

6. The Upside-Down Man

The Upside-Down Man

The Upside-Down Man is another new character first appearing in Justice League Dark. Not much is really known about the character except that he hails from a dimension of pure magic. In fact, it this dimension is how the numerous magic users of Earth harness their powers including Zatanna and Dr. Fate. Early humanity was actually able to tap into the dimension without freeing the beings like the Upside-Down Man who occupy it. However, the current wearer of Dr. Fate’s helmet succumbed to the wizard Nobu. Nobu created a bridge and allowed the Upside-Down Man to enter the main DC Universe in a bid to restore order and allowing the Otherkind to reclaim their stolen powers.

The Upside-Down Man showed how powerful he was when cut through the Justice League Dark team like they were nothing. He turned Detective Chimp into a puddle. Swamp Thing’s life was completely sucked dry. Fortunately, Wonder Woman was able to tap into a hidden power in order to banish him back to his dimension. But he won’t stay banished for long.

Justice League Dark writer James Tynion IV provides details on The Upside-Down Man:

“The Upside-Down Man is a specter that won’t stay away for long. This is the kind of monster that monsters have nightmares about. He is a being of pure horror; everything about him is wrong. His face is wrong. His skin is wrong. The way he inherently ignores the laws of physics by walking upside down is wrong. He is a nightmare made of pure magical energy, virtually omnipotent on our level of reality. He is going to terrify you out of your mind, and then he’s going to eat you. That’s his plan.”

5. Rogol Zaar

Rogol Zaar

Rogol Zaar made his first appearance in Brian Michael Bendis’ Man of Steel miniseries as he manipulated events that caused the destruction of Krypton. He’s still in play and has made it his goal to eliminate the Kryptonian race from the universe.

Zaar originally worked for the Circle as they tried to shape and guide the universe, however he disagreed with them about Krypton and went rogue. After learning about Superman, he made his way to Earth, but was defeated by the Man of Steel and exiled to the Phantom Zone. However, he’s used the opportunity to unite the multitude of criminals under his own banner and is just chomping at the bit to get at Superman.

Superman editor Brian Cunningham provides the low down:

“Rogol Zaar is the complete package for a villain. Physically, he is at least on par with Superman, maybe even stronger. Strategically, he plays both the short and long games extremely well. Even though he’s destroyed Krypton and plenty of other planets, I feel like we’ve yet to see the worst this monster can do.”

4. Controller Mu

Controller Mu

Controller Mu is another brand new character to the universe and won’t appear until The Green Lantern #1 in November. He’s a member of the Controller race, that has ties to the Guardians of the Universe. In fact, they hail from Oa just like the Guardians. However, unlike the Guardians, the Controllers believe in absolute control to obtain peace and order.

The Controllers actually try to remove free will from the universe in order to obtain their goals. They create Darkstars to enforce their vision and will do anything necessary in order to make it a reality. They also deploy Sun-Eaters.

The Green Lantern writer Grant Morrison explains:

“Imagine Controller Mu like a space cult leader. Rather than Darkstars, he has his own bodyguards called the Blackstars. This is the Bhagwan Rajneesh version of a Controller, and he has very different ideas about how the universe should be run, and the way that he’s kind of playing Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps is quite a big part of the first six issues of the series.”

3. The Legion of Doom

Legion of Doom

The Legion of Doom recently reformed in the pages of Justice League and has already put the screws to the Justice League. The new team consists of Lex Luthor, Joker, Black Manta, Cheetah, Gorilla Grodd, and Sinestro. The team is led by Luthor, who discovered that humanity’s goal is to become the ultimate apex predator. He also uncovered seven unknown energies and assembled the Legion of Doom in order to acquire and control them in order to “free” humanity.

Luthor wants to remake humanity so they can become the rightful rulers of cosmos, but the humans he’s surrounded himself with are ruthless killers and deranged psychotics, not to mention the team also consists of a Gorilla and a Korugaran.

Nevertheless this team looks to impose their will on the universe. Justice League writer Scott Snyder explains:

“The Legion of Doom is dangerous because it’s our deadliest villains working together in new ways, helping one another as a team like they never have before. For so long their goals have kept them in one another’s way, but now, with their plans aligned, they’re a threat the Justice League isn’t ready to face.”

2. The Crisis Killer

Heroes in Crisis

DC Comics recently launched a new event book in Heroes in Crisis, and there’s a hero mass killer on the loose. The killer has already felled Roy Harper and Wally West, and the carnage doesn’t look to stop there.

The main suspects are Booster Gold and Harley Quinn, but it’s possible the killer could be someone else altogether.

Heroes in Crisis associate editor Brittany Holzherr adds some details:

“The mindset for our heroes coming out of Heroes in Crisis is best summed up by Batman himself in the first issue, ‘Our hope for redemption is now just another hunt for vengeance.’ The DCU has always had this kind of trauma, and just as Batman expected, not even the Trinity can save their fellow heroes from it. Now a new question arises from the ashes of Sanctuary: Is there someone out there who can save them from the trauma that comes with being a hero? If not the Trinity, then who?”

1. The Batman Who Laughs

The Batman Who Laughs

DC Comics reveals the main threat is also a relatively new character, The Batman Who Laughs, who recently debuted in the Dark Nights: Metal event. The Batman Who Laughs is from Earth-22, who was subjected to the Joker’s cruel torture of making him watch his parents’ death over and over again. Batman eventually escapes and savagely beats the Joker to death. However, the Joker gets the last laugh with his final prank. He releases a toxin that Jokerizes Batman. It transforms him both physically and mentally into The Batman Who Laughs.

The Batman Who Laughs is currently  locked away in The Legion of Doom’s prison and doesn’t seem to be that much of a threat. However, he was a lethal foe in Dark Nights: Metal and is a brilliant strategist, but is also equipped without any morality or restraints. He’s pure, unadulterated chaos.

Scott Snyder explains why he’s a threat to look out for:

“The Batman Who Laughs is a Bruce Wayne with no morality at all, only evil in his heart. Cunning, calculating, with an added element of pure chaos that makes sure no one can really account for his plans. He’s the Batman we all know, but he’s pure evil. And Batman always wins.”

It’s interesting to note, DC Comics completely ignores anything that is happening in Doomsday Clock where you have Dr. Manhattan and Ozymandias running around. You would think they might be pretty huge threats to the DC Universe.

What do you make of DC Comics’ list of the top 10 threats to the DC Universe? Do you agree with them?

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