IndieGoGo recently shut down Vox Day and Arkhaven Comic’s ongoing Alt-Hero: Q crowdfunder without any explanation. The campaign trended #1 on the crowdfunding site when it launched. However, Vox Day ran a stealth campaign where he tells us he raised over $130,000 in two days from over 1100 backers. In fact, he told us he raised over $100,000 in just the first 24 hours.

Day referenced this stealth campaign in a blog post, writing, “As I mentioned previously, we expect to get version 2.0 of the AH:Q campaign up in about two weeks. As always, we’re focused on doing it right rather than doing it fast, so rest assured that work has been proceeding on the first issue regardless of when we relaunch the campaign and how we do it. As The Legend has already declared, those involved will do it for nothing if necessary.”

This stealth campaign was only the first part in Vox’s strategy to successfully launch Alt-Hero: Q. Due to IndieGoGo shutting down the crowdfunding campaign, Vox and his team has begun working on their own independent crowdfunding. In fact, Vox tells us the stealth campaign “was a test run of our independent crowdfunding ability, which we plan on opening to the public later this month.”

Alt-Hero: Q is currently being written by Chuck Dixon with art by Hélix Haze. Dixon explains the series will be an action/thriller that sees the main character Roland Dane exploring global cabals and dark conspiracies that “threaten not only world peace but the basic human rights of the individual.” Dane is a law enforcement operative for the mysterious organization known as Q and he’ll be taking on some of the world’s worst.

While Vox is pursuing his own independent crowdfunding, he’s also working with his legal team in a potential case against IndieGoGo. Vox notes he’s waiting on a response from IndieGoGo of which they have 30 days to comply. However, he believes he will more than likely pursue arbitration rather than a lawsuit.

If you missed out on the 2-day stealth campaign, Vox promises there will be another campaign for the series once he launches his independent crowdfunding.