EXCLUSIVE: Fight of the Century #3 Preview

Writer Troy-Jeffrey Allen one of the creatives behind Fight of the Century recently successfully crowdfunded the upcoming miniseries on Kickstarter.

The series follows a farmboy turned MMA fighter in Rex Punga. However, Rex Punga won’t just be taking on opponents in the ring. He will also be taking on a massive pharmaceutical company that supplies drugs to the popular in the Fighters Ultimate Exhibition League (FUEL) that turns mere men into monster behemoths that can truly dish out the pain.

Take a look at four exclusive pages from Fight of the Century #3!


Fight of the Century #3 Fight of the Century #3 Fight of the Century #3 Fight of the Century #3

Here’s the official description from Troy-Jeffrey Allen:

“Set in a futuristic Brazil controlled by a mega-corporation, this FIGHT OF THE CENTURY “(FotC”)  examines humanities desire to become bigger, faster and stronger; while exploring the price we’re willing to pay to reach our maximum potential. With influences from ROCKY to AKIRA to FRANKENSTEIN, it’s also comeback story about an underdog whose unlikely return will inspire a nation.”

The Fight of the Century is created and written by Nick Allen and Troy-Jeffrey Allen. It features artwork by Julius Abrera, inks by Thiago Gomes Da Costa, colors by Bryan Magnaye, and letters by Jon Jebus.

Fight of the Century #3 is expected to be released in early 2019. Troy-Jeffrey Allen tells us it will be available at conventions as well as at Rexco-Comics.com, where you can currently purchase the first issue. Additionally, Fight of the Century #4 is expected to debut right after it. Both issues three and four will be packaged together in a 60-page prestige format just like the issues one and two.

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