Aquaman’s wide release happened leading into the Christmas holiday but it had been out in some large markets including China since the start of December. Globally, its total box office makes it a success even if there is a dropoff Stateside. Still, ringing endorsements for Aquaman have been rolling in since early screenings for audiences and critics. Here at Bounding as well we were pretty high on it.

Now one of star Jason Momoa’s friends and former costars gave his two cents, and its none other than Superman himself, Henry Cavill.

He had the opportunity to see the new DC film while in Hungary where he is filming Netflix’s The Witcher. His reaction could not have been more positive or fitting since he and Momoa sound like the best of bros. Calling Momoa “man of the hour” and “man of big hugs, big laughs, and big pints of Guinness,” he says everyone knocked it out of the “(water)park” — “water” deliberately in parentheses for an appropriate aquatic pun.

Cavill also took a selfie as a tribute to his friend and the character he plays, submerged in shallow water while holding up a fork, taking advantage of the depth of field. You can look at Cavill’s post and accompanying photo from his Instagram below.

Henry Cavill’s feedback shouldn’t come as a shock. He and Momoa appear closer than any of their Justice League castmates and remain in contact. Momoa was the one Cavill talked to when rumors were rampant he was done as Superman. While he hasn’t admitted as much publicly, the Instagram post could be Cavill’s way of showing he is still interested or in the mix.

Cavill should come back to the role, he deserves the chance, but keep in mind there is talk of “revamping” or “rebooting” the Extended Universe. He is at the mercy of Warner Bros.