Benjamin Henderson and Jon Del Arroz Accept Renfamous’ Challenge to Debate

On Tuesday night, Twitter troublemaker Renfamous challenged members of Comicsgate to an in-person debate, which was subsequently accepted by Ravage: Kill All Men creator Benjamin Henderson.

Henderson responded to Renfamous with an idea on how the debate would be constructed with “3 people on each side tops.” He also indicated that individuals could donate to the “Legal Defense Fund to protect people from Online Threats.” Henderson even indicated he would want Jon Del Arroz and Ethan Van Sciver to join him in debating Renfamous and her team.

[easyazon_link identifier=”9527303419″ locale=”US” tag=”boundingintocomics-20″]Flying Sparks[/easyazon_link] creator Jon Del Arroz was quick to accept the challenge following Henderson.

Henderson would go on to explain why he accepted the challenge and why he would want it to take place in-person.

Van Sciver would also respond in a series of Tweets claiming Renfamous and fellow Twitter user SJWSpiderman would never debate him.

Van Sciver also indicated he would not have Renfamous or SJWSpiderman on his channels describing them as “anti-LGBT monsters.”

Van Sciver had previously intimated he had been open to debating Renfamous.

Renfamous declined the opportunity to debate back in September.

Following Van Sciver’s recent Tweets indicating Renfamous would never debate him, she issued her own response detailing a number of topics she would have brought up if Van Sciver would debate her.

It doesn’t appear this debate will happen with Van Sciver on board. Given Renfamous previously declined to debate Van Sciver, it lends credence to Van Sciver’s claim that she has no intention of debating him.

Would you want to see Renfamous and her team debate Benjamin Henderson, Jon Del Arroz, and Ethan Van Sciver? Do you think Renfamous’ challenge to debate was in good faith?

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