Dragon Ball Super voice actor Monica Rial who voices Bulma in Dragon Ball Super and Sienna Khan on RWBY took to Twitter to detail new allegations her fellow Dragon Ball Super voice actor Vic Mignogna.

Rial prefaced her statement with the new allegations stating, “These last few weeks have been some of the hardest of my lifetime. Please understand that we are ALL hurting. No matter what you choose to believe, please be kind. <3”

Rial details that she attempted to address Mignogna’s alleged behavior saying, “I’ve tried to address his behavior with him.” She would add, “Each time, he would apologize and then be back at it within weeks.”

She goes on to claim that studios would stop working with Mignogna “not just because of sexual harassment, but because he was difficult to work with.”

She would then provide details of what Mignogna allegedly did to her:

“Whenever he saw me he would take a fist full of my hair, pull my head back, and either whisper so closely to my ear that his lips were touching or kiss my cheek/neck. This was usually done in front of fans or colleagues so I had to be very careful about how I reacted. I didn’t even realize how inappropriate it was because he did it to so many people.”

She would then detail an encounter that occured in the mid-2000s.

“In the mid-2000s we were at a convention together and he grabbed me and kissed me in his hotel room. I froze.”

Rial then details she didn’t scream or push him away because she “was raped as a teenager and I learned that sometimes fighting back makes it worse.” She adds that she went to his room because “he asked me to watch a video and I trusted him because he was my friend. Not only that, but he was dating my friend Michele and I had been flirting with my soon-to-be-boyfriend at the convention all weekend.”

Rial then explains she distanced herself from both Mignogna and Michele and entered therapy and “worked on forgiveness.” She states, “I chose to forgive him for what he had done. Maybe it was just me? Maybe it was a one-time thing never to be repeated again? You can imagine my devastation when I learned that I wasn’t the only one.”

Rial then reveals she shared her testimony “solely because it corroborated the others’ testimony.” She states “I didn’t start this, I have nothing to gain from it, I didn’t steal anyone’s roles or titles; the stuff you’re hearing on YouTube is all lies attempting to create drama and gets subs/views. I’m perfectly content being just a voice actor.”

She then goes on to discuss the investigations. “The investigations were incredibly thorough. Each person was interviewed, the evidence weighed, and a decision made. Each company has to look out for the safety of their employees. In this instance, these companies felt they made the best decision to protect their employees and contract workers.”

Rial claims there are a number of other women who came forward during the investigation, “Many of the women who’ve come forward have chosen to remain anonymous, especially after seeing the way that I’ve been attacked. Please respect their privacy.”

As for why she aired her allegations publicly she explains:

“I didn’t want to come forward on Twitter but I felt like I had to do something because my friends’ lives, children, and careers were being threatened. Also, I knew if I didn’t, there was a very good chance that this would just get swept under the rug…again.”

Rial would then apologize for her own behavior towards fans.

“I apologize for lashing out and threatening fans. I don’t want to have to take people to court or send law enforcement after them but I was doing what I felt necessary to protect myself at the time.”

She would go on to describe a watch list.

“There is a watch list and I have the names and numbers of multiple harassers, but I’m willing to forgive if you’ll stop the madness now. You may feel that my colleagues and I have been harsh, but let me ask you this: how would respond if your life was being threatened? If the lives of your loved ones, your friends, your friends’ children, were being threatened? If your adresses and phone numbers were being passed around like candy so people could call or drop by just to antagonize you? If the local authorities made sure to drive past your house daily, just to make sure you’re okay? If you were forced to be on the phone with various law enforcement and lawyers every single day? If people were trying to get you fired just because you came forward with the truth? If you were doxxed because people think it’s fun to attack those who are hurting?”

After apologizing for her behavior Rial would state, “I have never said anything hurtful toward Vic or any of his fans. I don’t want to ruin his life, he was/is my friend. I don’t want him to be labeled a predator for life. I want him to get help and realize that his actions have hurt many people, including me. If he takes necessary steps to better himself, then perhaps I would be willing to forgive him again.”

Rial would conclude:

“I’m tired of the fighting, I’m tired of the threats, all of it. From here on, I will only be posting positivity and light. Any threats or retaliation will be met with an immediate block. I’m not wasting any more time on this matter. It’s over. This has been incredibly difficult for everyone involved. Please be kind to one another. <3”

Rial would then engage with a number of users on Twitter.

Rial also addressed the possibility of legal action from Vic Mignogna stating she and 25 other women are ready to go court. YouTuber and lawyer Nick Rekieta recently launched a GoFundMe to raise funds for Mignogna’s legal team.

Rial’s accusations of hair pulling are similar to accusations made by fellow voice actor Jamie Marchi, who voices Cana Alberona on Fairy Tail.

They are also extremely similar to a number of instances made by mainly anonymous sources in a recent article published by io9. The i09 article claims they spoke to “more than 25 voice actors, cosplayers, industry professionals, convention employees, and former fans about their experiences with Mignogna.”

Mignogna has denied the sexual misconduct allegations both on Twitter and at an appearance at Bak-Anime 2019. He would once again deny the allegations to i09 stating, “any and all encounters I’ve ever had have been 100-percent consensual.”

One anonymous woman who i09 refers to as Gretchen claims this is not the case and denies the idea that she was friendly towards Vic after her alleged inappropriate encounter with him.

“I have seen him a handful of times since, always in public or work settings. He is mistaking my ‘friendliness’ for professionalism. Vic can try to justify his actions any way he likes, but it still doesn’t make them any less inappropriate or invasive. The man has no boundaries.”

Mignogna was replaced by Funimation on Morose Monokean II. Rooster Teeth also removed him from RWBY. Fantasy Soft has stood behind Mignogna stating, “It’s innocent until proven guilty not the other way around.”

What do you make of Monica Rial’s allegations and the anonymous allegations made in the article from i09?

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