YouTuber Edwin Boyette, who is a prominent voice in the Comicsgate movement, reports someone tried to “SWAT” him and his wife.

Boyette took to Twitter to report about the alleged “SWAT” and posted a partial image of a card taht states, “This card verifies that a report has been filed with the Honolulu Police Department.” The card includes the report number.

For those unfamiliar with the term “SWATTING” it refers to someone making a prank call to emergency services in an attempt to have police show up in force at a particular address. The calls usually involve reporting a serious crime at the address which involves a bomb threat, murder, hostage situation or other violent crime or “mental health” emergency indicating someone at the address is suicidal or homicidal and armed with some kind of weapon.

Boyette would post a follow-up Tweet encouraging his followers to not “say or communicate anything that could harm or negatively impact you.”

He would also provide further details on the alleged “SWAT” attempt.

“So an interesting morning. Someone just tried to “SWAT” my wife and I. Thankfully, one of my co-workers is a police chaplain. I go to church with a lot of Honolulu police. They are very professional. Once I explained to them what was happening and who I worked with everything came down real fast. Just walked down and talked to the building management and security and stuff and thanked them. Because it’s kind of stressful on everybody.”

Boyette would appear on Ethan Van Sciver’s stream to discuss further details on the alleged “SWAT” attempt.

On the stream, just before the 30 minute mark, Boyette revealed he went to a comic convention last night wearing a shirt that wore “#comicsgate” and “#standwithvic.”

Boyette had posted his intention of heading to the convention with the shirt on earlier in the day on February 22nd.

Boyette then details he went on a livestream after attending the convention with That Umbrella Guy and Keung Lee to talk about comic books.

After streaming he states he went to bed and woke up in the morning around 4:30 am local time hearing a bang on the door. He notes he heard the bang a second time and someone saying “police.” He proceeds to report that there were eight officers in a tactical information with guns drawn waiting at the door.

Boyette then details that police had received a report that he had called police and told them that he had murdered his wife. He specifically notes that the police told him that he had stabbed his wife and that he was suicidal.

Boyette would confirm this incident sounded almost identical to the recent alleged SWAT attempt against Alterna Comics founder Peter Simeti.

Boyette notes he will be cooperating with police and he has exchanged information with Peter Simeti and will be putting both police departments in touch with each other.

He does indicate he planned to return to the Comic-Con and have a “good time.”

What do you make of the alleged SWAT attempt against Edwin Boyette?